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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram is testing a TikTok style feature whereby videos are served full-screen on the home page.

The social media network wants to "bring video more front and centre" it claims, and the design change means that Reels will become a more significant part of the mobile app.

It already accounts for 20 per cent of overall time Instagram users spend on the service, revealed Meta in an earnings call last week. With the new TikTok-alike format, that could increase.

The test still includes top and bottom bars, but fills the rest of the screen with a video with text overlaid.

The screenshot at the top of this page is a mock-up sent to TechCrunch, but gives a good impression of what users can expect if and when the feature is released generally.

Instagram has also been testing other new features recently, with the ability to pin other users' posts at the top of a profile page also in the works.

All of its tests are available to a select number of Instagrammers at present and may never even be adopted for the main app, but the two suggested here sound reasonable to us. We'll let you know of any more we discover.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Chris Hall.