This artist is re-creating modern logos with a medieval style and it's awesome

Ilya Stallone has spent time imagining what the logos of world-famous brands might look like during the Middle Ages.  Here's Microsoft Windows. (image credit: Ilya Stallone)
What if Audi was much older though? Perhaps with its logo emblazoned on horse and cart. Maybe this is what it might have looked like?  (image credit: Ilya Stallone)
If Burger King existed in the olden days perhaps with a name like that it might have had the royal seal or at least a lot more focus on regal branding.  (image credit: Ilya Stallone)
Everyone can appreciate comfortable footwear and we're sure medieval folks had it rough when they were hunting for shoes.  (image credit: Ilya Stallone)
In this re-imagined logo, it seems like YouTube originally started life as a theatrical company or a puppet show. (image credit: Ilya Stallone)
Artists have been painting self-portraits for a long, long time, so it's not hard to imagine Instagram existing before modern technology. (image credit: Ilya Stallone)
Starbucks logo is now seen its full, grotesque glory thanks to this medieval reimaging. The mermaid doesn't look very happy to be part of it though.  (image credit: Ilya Stallone)
The medieval edition of the Firefox logo is taking things quite literally, with a fox that's on fire. (image credit: Ilya Stallone)