(Pocket-lint) - Instagram is launching a new Guides feature that gives users a way to aggregate content together in a single place. Here's how it works.

What are Instagram Guides?

Instagram said it wanted to offer a way for its users to more "easily discover recommendations, tips, and other content" from their favourite creators, public figures, organizations, and publishers. But it also knows many people are currently struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it's launching a new feature, called Guides, with an initial focus on wellness topics, in order to help users during this time.

One of the first Guides being promoted is from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It's called Mental Health and COVID-19. Another is a Mindful Movements guide filled with exercises and stretches from Sarah Campbell, a Yogi and meditation expert.


Where do you find Instagram Guides?

Guides are located in a separate new tab on a user’s profile (look for the booklet icon between the photo grid icon and tagged photos icon). They’ll also start to appear in the Explore tab “in the coming days,” according to Instagram.

To view a Guide, visit the profile of one of these pages and then tap the middle icon to view their Guides:

How do Instagram Guides work?

When viewing a Guide, you can see posts and videos that the creator has curated with their own tips, commentary, or advice. The posts in Guides can come from the creator or from other Instagram users. If you want to learn more about a specific post, just tap on the image or video to view the original Instagram post. You can also share a Guide to your story or in Instagram Direct by tapping on the share button.


Who can create Instagram Guides?

Guides appear to be limited to certain creators and companies at launch. We suspect Instagram will roll out the feature to more users in the future. Instagram has specifically said "creators, public figures, organizations, and publishers" are set to get the ability to create Guides.

When will Instagram Guides be available?

They are now available to all Instagram users to see on user profiles (and the Explore tab soon), but only some users can make them.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.