(Pocket-lint) - Instagram has added a new feature. But you have to dig a bit to find it. Once you do, it'll give you another new creative way to tell a story.

What's new with Instagram?

Instagram has updated Instagram Stories with the ability to post multiple photos in one frame or on one screen. See the example below:

How does Layout work?

This is a simple feature that works with up to six photos. Previously, you'd have to use a third-party app or a hack (copy a photo from a gallery and paste it in a text box) to achieve the same effect. Now, it can be done without leaving Instagram and with a few simple taps.

  1. Open Instagram (make sure you're running the latest version).
  2. On the home screen, tap Your Story to create a story.
  3. From the bottom, slide from the default Normal to the new Layout option.
  4. Select which sort of layout you'd like. Notice they look like collages.
  5. Add your media, and then when you're done, send it to your Story or to friends.

When will Layout be available?

Instagram's new Layout feature is launching globally for all Instagram Stories users from 17 December.

Is that it?

Yep! For more about how Instagram or Instagram Stories works, see our guides:

Writing by Maggie Tillman.