This artist changes your perspective of the world with incredible sketches

Pietro Cataudella is an incredibly talented artist with the ability to create impressive sketches, that flip your perspective of the world. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
Forest fires are obviously a real threat to the planet. This image highlights the problem in an unusual way. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
We are impressed with Pietro Cataudella's ability to spot real-world situations and places to work his magic on. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
A hand-drawn dragon attacks the walls and no doubt giving the city occupants an unwelcome fright. Another classic and impressively drawn sketch.  (image credit: @citylivesketch)
The car looks as though it's leaping out of the notebook and smashing through the pages as it splashes through the puddles. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
This one appears to show a bridge crossing over into a different reality, with our world on one side and a cartoon universe on the other.  (image credit: @citylivesketch)
As if these ancient buildings have sprung up from the ground, nurtured by the world but withered and worn by time.  (image credit: @citylivesketch)
What if buildings could float and double as a boat? That's the question that comes to mind with this one. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
Those are some enormous birds. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
Nothing is safe from Homer Simpon's love of doughnuts, not even a black hole. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
How many tourist photos of the leaning tower of Pisa have you seen? None like this we bet. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
We're not sure how well a paper boat would float, but if you dispel your disbelief and just enjoy the vision then you're bound to be as impressed as we are.  (image credit: @citylivesketch)
With foundations like these, it's unlikely that London's Tower Bridge will ever fall down. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
There's no denying that Florence has some impressive views. Even more so now. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
With a bit of sketching magic, the Eiffel Tower suddenly looks both wonderful and wonky. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
A lot of these sketches are incredibly detailed, intricate and so cleverly done it's easy to overlook the quality of the work while you're admiring the results. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
You've heard the one about pulling the rabbit out of a hat, but what about pulling a giant rabbit out of a tower? (image credit: @citylivesketch)
Popeye would sure be pleased with this amount of spinach.  (image credit: @citylivesketch)
Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider man. Can he swing, from a bridge? According to this artist, yes he can. Whoooooooa, he is the Spiderman. (image credit: @citylivesketch)
Not one for boring, run-of-the-mill tourist snaps, Pietro Cataudella crafted something much more impressive. (image credit: @citylivesketch)