This artist re-imagines famous artists and icons as modern influencers

Van Gogh might have been mostly unsuccessful as an artist during his lifetime but here he's tearing up the streets on his favourite board.  (image credit:
Nothing much to see here, just Pablo Picasso rocking what looks like a 3D printed gun and a Champion hoodie. Because why not? (image credit:
Salvador Dalí was an eccentric with a talent for pulling off attention-grabbing stunts. In modern times he'd certainly be an influencer. (image credit:
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who thrived in the early 1900s and was known for her many portraits and self-portraits. A logical fit for an influencer. (image credit:
We love this imagining from Untitled Save - seeing two classic icons of art transformed into a single image. (image credit:
If the King of Pop hadn't died in 2009, what would his personal profile be like now? (image credit:
Dalí's moustache alone would be a perfect fit for a modern-day influencer. (image credit:
Untitled Save imagines Marilyn Monroe to be understated and oozing modern cool.  (image credit:
Andy Warhol was a leading artist in the visual art movement and is well-known for his works in pop art. Here he's seen wearing his own art. (image credit:
Gustav was an Austrian symbolist painter who was primarily known for painting the female form. We wonder how he would have lived his life in the modern age.  (image credit:
Here the girl with the pearl earring is seen casually chilling out in Porto. We wonder what she'd think of the world several hundred years after being painted.  (image credit:
Elvis takes the place of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, inebriation, fertility and theatre. (image credit:
Leonardo da Vinci was a legend of his time. Now he's re-imagined as a different kind of influencer. Probably not as influential though.  (image credit:
Even imaginary people are getting the special influencer treatment. Here Princess Jasmine is seen posing in Portugal.  (image credit: