(Pocket-lint) - If you're bored of the same old food pics, selfies and travel photos and want to mix things up on your Instagram feed, then what better way than to add in a selection of surreal artists. 

We've been trawling Instagram to find something a little different - Instagrammers with a passion for the surreal. Weird and wonderful creations you'll love. So keep on scrolling, clicking and liking until you've opened your eyes to a new world. 

Bara Prasilova

Bara Prasilova (@bara_prasilova)

Bara Prasilova is a master of conceptual photography and has a brilliant way of conjuring up some pretty special views like this unusual one of a robot riding a horse. People feature heavily in her work, but certainly not in the usual way. 

Aydın Büyüktaş

Aydın Byktaş (@aydinbuyuktas)

We've featured Aydın Büyüktaş' work before. He is a Turkish artist and photo manipulator who creates new views of the world twisted into different angles. An unusual perspective for all to enjoy. 

Jati Putra Pratama

Jati Putra Pratama (@jatiputra)

If you enjoyed seeing the way Aydın Büyüktaş puts a new perspective on the world, then you'll enjoy Jati Putra Pratama's art too. With Inception-like bends and angles in our world like you wouldn't normally see.

Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard (@alexbstoddard)

There's a lot of bare flesh and weird visions of humankind in Alex Stoddard's artwork.

But there's nothing too racy or raunchy. You will see a lot of weirdness though. 

Joel Robison

Joel Robison (@joelrobison)

Joel Robison is a Canadian photographer and a creator of interesting visions. He's often appearing in his own images and can be seen alongside all sorts of things from oversized playing cards to a magical giant lightbulb.

This chap certainly has a brilliant imagination and the talent to back it up. 

Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden (@brookeshaden)

Brooke Shaden creates art that looks more like surreal paintings of the dark ages with witches engaged in all sorts of mischief.

Weirdly wonderful and thoroughly different from the usual stuff you'll see on Instagram.

Tommy Ingberg

Tommy Ingberg (@tommyingberg)

Tommy Ingberg is another surreal artist who's also an award winner. He's based in Nyköping, Sweden and has a thing for intriguing, unusual and magnificent black and white photos. 


Oprisco (@oprisco)

Oprisco is another Instagrammer with a talent for creating weirdly surreal portrait photographs in the outside world, but with unusual surroundings.

If you're bored of all the usual selfies, then this is the account for you

Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova (@_katerinaplotnikova_)

Looking at Katerina Plotnikova's account, you might get the impression that she has an unrelenting love for wildlife. Somewhat verging on dangerous, death-defying or downright mad. Brilliant images though. 

Anka Zhuravleva

Anka Zhuravleva (@anka_zhuravleva_arts)

Anka Zhuravleva is the account to follow if you enjoy fine art portrait photography with a surreal vibe. This account shows off some staggering close-up views of people in all their wonder. 

Laura Zalenga

Laura Zalenga (@laurazalenga)

Laura Zalenga is another surreal self-portrait photographer, but one with a difference. She's regularly snapping images and posting them together to create a landscape or much wider view when you see her account as a whole rather than looking at individual posts. Stylish and unusual. 

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson (@kylejthompson)

Kyle Thompson mostly takes self-portraits with a surreal twist.

He's a photographer from Portland with a pretty special talent for creating eye-catching works that you're bound to enjoy. 

Shaun Ryken

Shaun Ryken (@ShaunRyken)

Shaun Ryken is a Canadian Photoshop artist and a dab hand at creating convincing over-the-top surreal scenes from jet-powered penguins to enormous chickens wandering the streets and everything in between. 


Unknownian (@unknownian)

By day, Unknownian is a graphic designer and digital artist. So you can imagine what kind of wonderful images they're capable of creating.

These are often much more unusual views of the world. With animals of freakish proportions, buildings in unusual places, planets closer to Earth than they should be and much more. 

Frieke Janssens

Frieke Janssens (@friekejanssens_photography)

Frieke Janssens sums up their own work nicely:

"In a world surrounded by visuals, I want my surreal images to grab your attention and make you wonder why they do."

Imagine what you might look like as a bust of yourself in statue form, only in the flesh rather than copper. That's the sort of weird image you're likely to see here. 

Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul (@larazankoul)

What's going on here? What am I looking at? Wow that's pretty cool and unusual. These are all the sorts of things you're likely to think when looking at Lara Zankoul's posts.

Beautiful and brilliant photos, regularly including unusual portraits in colourful and surreal surroundings.


Justin Peters (@jstnptrs)

Justin Peters is a magnificent digital artist who produces some intriguing works of art that he says are designed to "open your mind".  

What is Yubo and how can I join it?

His account is full of images that will fill you with wonder as you imagine the possibilities of other worlds and weird and wonderful dimensions. 

Brock Davis

Brock Davis (@brockdavis)

Brock Davis crafts some interesting works of art using the tiniest of objects. including things like making a handbag out of a bulldog clip.

This example was painted on an iPhone using an Apple Pencil. Imagine seeing this out of your plane window. What happened to the banana itself?


Phonsay (@p22_art)

@p22_art describes themselves as a "Conceptual Photo Artist" and this image of lions feasting on an ice-cream zebra is a perfect vision of the sort of weird and wonderful concept art you'll see when following their account. 

Colourful and confusing other-worldly visions make a regular appearance and they're joyfully interesting and entertaining too. 


Platon Yurich (@platon_yurich)

We'd recommend following @platon_yurich if you're a fan of surreal portraits and weird visions of landscapes.

This artist is a member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers and dab hand at creating fantastically interesting works of art for Instagram.


Teresa Freitas (@teresacfreitas)

Pastel colours, washed-out scenes and intriguingly surreal real world views more your thing? Then @teresacfreitas might be the account for you. 

Teresa Freitas somehow adds a lot more pink into our world yet manages to make it convincing. 


Robert Jahns (@nois7)

Robert Jahns is a digital artist, photographer and creative director. His images often require you to look twice to dispel some of your disbelief.

Sometimes the edits are subtle enough to seem real, like these penguins making their way through a snow-covered Central Park. Other images look like breathtaking scenes that could easily have been posted by a travel blogger, but are somehow otherworldly. 


Charlie Davoli (@charlie_davoli)

Charlie Davoli seems to have a bit of an obsession with natures wonders - waves and clouds in particular. He creates unexpected visual scenes that are intriguing to the eye and fun to observe too. 


Sejkko (@Sejkko)

If you're a fan of surreal architecture imagery Sejkko is the man to follow.

He's got an eye for creating imagery of lone houses on empty landscapes, in places they couldn't/shouldn't  exist.  

Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka (@martinstranka)

Martin Stranka is not just a surreal Instagram sensation, but also a multi-award-winning photographer with over 90 awards under his belt.

You can imagine the quality of the images this account has to offer. 


BeliLaBelle (@belilabelle)

It's hard to say what BeliLaBelle does exactly, as with many of the surreal image creators on this list.

The images leave you feeling confused, bemused and intrigued. All we know is, the artwork is brilliant and the posts are worth a look. 


Rosen Goldman (@ronengoldman)

Rosen Goldman is a commercial photographer who also snaps a mix of fantastic portrait photography and surreal fine art. Some of which appears to be a photographic commentary on modern life. 

Marco Zagara

Marco Zagara (@marcozagara)

Marco Zagara is an Italian artist who crafts some interesting and unusual images with out-of-this-world themes. 

These include images like this nifty one with an astronaut seemingly defying gravity while perching on a fluffy cloud. 

Shaun Ryken

Shaun Ryken (@shaunryken)

Shaun Ryken is a Canadian Photoshopper who tells visual stories with his work. Curious images of the unexpected, like this one of a wonderfully weird watermelon. 

Luisa Azevedo

Luisa Azevedo (@hey.luisa)

Luisa Azevedo has an eye for the unusual and is able to create all manner of artworks of different types. 

These include weird and wonderful things like this ocean side view. 

Agostino Arrivabene

Agostino Arrivabene (@agostinoarrivabene)

Agostino Arrivabene produces wonderfully unique works of art which at first glance could easily be mistaken for masterpieces from a very different era. Certainly not the sort of thing you'd usually see on Instagram, that's for sure. 

En Iwamura

En Iwamura (@eniwamura)

En Iwamura is a Japanese sculpture artist who's a dab hand at ceramic creations. He creates quirky characters based on Japanese Manga and the results are certainly something special. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.