(Pocket-lint) - There are a lot of filters, fakery and fun-filled images on Instagram. It's often hard to tell what's real and what's not, but one artist is showing us how the best images are made.

Calob Castellon is an incredible photographer with a flair for creating seemingly perfect photos with the use of simple everyday locations, props and lighting equipment. 

He often includes the behind-the-scenes snaps to show the effort that goes into his photos, so it's well worth checking out his Instagram feed.

We've rounded up our favourites for you to enjoy. 

Calob Castellon

A close-up view of the world

This image is a perfect example of Calob Castellon's work. A hand-held light source, some heavy editing and a brilliantly creative idea results in a magnificent photo. A woman reaches out to touch a tiny glowing vision of the world that would make flat-earthers angry. 

Calob Castellon

Lighting her way

How many Instagram images show people in brilliantly beautiful spots showing off their amazing lives? How many of these images have been touched up? Probably a lot more than you realise. Some of them more than others. This before and after shot certainly shows the model in a new light. There wasn't even a lighthouse in the original photograph.

Calob Castellon

It's all a matter of perspective

Some of Calob Castellon's shots show how the perfect image is often just a matter of perspective. Some editing, filters and more can turn a nice photo into an incredible one. Who'd have thought this image on the left was simply taken at the side of the street?

Calob Castellon

Rocket boots

We've seen plenty of still photos of people leaping in the air. Perfectly timed images sure look great, but some editing can make for a much more interesting snap. The subject of this image now appears to be wearing rocket boots rather than just standard Converse shoes. 

Calob Castellon

A smartphone glow

We love this behind-the-scenes shot as it demonstrates how Calob Castellon regularly uses everyday objects to enhance his images. A participant uses a smartphone to produce a glow on the model's face that is then carried through into the edited images. The final shot appears to show beautiful glowing butterflies lighting up her face, instead of a phone screen.

Calob Castellon

It's all about angles and props

Another fantastic photo that shows sometimes you need to make maximum use of your surroundings and props in order to get the perfect image. There's no way this model could have leant against the window so casually without the aid of the wheelchair. The behind-the-scenes snap shows the hilarious effort that goes into what otherwise looks like an utterly chilled out shoot. 

Calob Castellon

Hands to the wormhole

This colourful image appears to show someone reaching into a wormhole, in reality, it's just a man with his hands near a television. Careful cropping, some highlights and a brilliant light source can make all the difference. 

Calob Castellon

Mood lighting or food lighting? 

Another example of Calob Castellon's work shows how lighting in the world around us can be used to brilliantly simple effect.  With just the right pose and perfect placement of both the model and camera, a wonderfully moody image is created.

Calob Castellon

The floor is lava  

Who doesn't love a good game of the floor is lava? Real lava, on the other hand, is not to be messed with, unless of course, you have some brilliant photography skills. 

Calob Castellon

Lighting up the tunes

A model poses on a bed with music playing in her ears and the lights around her dancing to the tunes. In reality, the room is full of light sources that include someone nearby holding a lamp above her to get the right glow on her head. 

Calob Castellon

Embrace the bush

The photographer posted this image with the caption "When in doubt, use a bush. Never fails."

Amazingly, he's not wrong. A close-up and personal shot gives a much more romantic impression to an otherwise boring location. 

Calob Castellon

A quest to accept

Another snap with a portable light source used to create the fun of the final photo. It looks like a gamer has discovered an adventure quest or a power-up. 

Calob Castellon

Beauty in the clouds

Clever lighting and masses of cotton wool apparently purchased from Walmart makes for a snazzy view that looks like a lady lost amongst the clouds. We'd hate to be the one who had to tidy up after this photoshoot, but there's no denying it's brilliant. 

Calob Castellon

Windows with no view

Why spend money on expensive photo studios or luxurious locations when you can get amazing shots like this by simply visiting your local hardware store?

Calob Castellon

Colourful backdrops

Lighting is often a photographers biggest challenge - getting the right amount of light for the perfect photo can be tricky. But what if you can find a shoot location that already has all the lighting you could possibly need and some pretty nifty colourful backdrops too? Another trip to the shops might be the answer to your quest for masses of likes on Instagram. 

Calob Castellon

Screen glow

Another of Calob Castellon's favourite techniques appears to be using TV screens and monitors to make up glowing backgrounds that can add a colourful glow to his photos. This is one such example, where the words glow as much as the photos. 

Calob Castellon

Colourful rain

Another simply brilliant shot taken with a colourful backdrop blended nicely into the foreground that appears to show digital rain falling all around. 

Calob Castellon

Another type of lighting

If you haven't gathered by now, Calob Castellon's photos rely heavily on various different light sources to create magical results. As well as using smartphones and screens to create glows and real-world objects for bright backgrounds, he also likes to use special sprays and UV lights to create wonderful shots. 

Calob Castellon

Some eye protection required

With this image, Calob Castellon talked a bit about what goes into creating this sort of image:

"A tripod, blacklight, neon paint, and z pair of sunglasses (for UV protection) is all you need for DIY glow shoot."

These are our favourites, are you feeling inspired to go out and create your own images now?

Writing by Adrian Willings.