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(Pocket-lint) - It seems like every week, Instagram adds a new feature to its app. Just recently, the photo sharing service added the ability to add multiple photos and videos to a Story

According to Twitter users Jane Wong and Matt Navarra, the app could be getting four new features in the future. Wong has dived into the Instagram app code and uncovered some evidence that it could be testing new capabilities that will make using the app a whole lot easier. 

Matt Navarra Instagram could be getting four new features including live reactions and slow-mo recording image 2

One feature will be live reactions to stories. Currently, you can only reply to other users' stories by sending messages. Live reactions will add the ability to send various emoji, such as laughing smileys that cover the screen, in a similar way to live reactions on Facebook Live videos. 


Instagram is also apparently looking at adding a slow-mo recording feature to Stories. Some phones have a slow-motion video mode integrated into the camera already, but Instagram may bring the ability to all phones - or at least those with compatible software. Instagram Stories already offers a number of handy recording features, such as stop-motion, Boomerang and super-zoom.

Another new feature that may eventually be added to the app is the ability to mute profiles. This will likely work in a similar way to Twitter, where you can mute someone so you don't see their posts, but you don't have to unfollow them. If a user you follow likes to occasionally bulk upload, muting their profile, rather than unfollowing them, may be beneficial. 

Matt Navarra Instagram could be getting four new features including live reactions and slow-mo recording image 3

Finally, a calendar archive view may be added to the app. This would archive all your Stories, so you can see what you posted on which day of the month and view them back. It's not clear if you need to enable a save function for example, for this feature to work, or if all Stories will automatically be archived. 

Of course, there's no guarantee that any of these features will make their way to Instagram, as they're currently just in testing. We certainly think they'll add value to the app, so we hope they do come to fruition. We'll keep you updated of any developments as and when we hear them. 

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Writing by Max Langridge.
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