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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram is making it easier to create Instagram Stories from your snaps - you're now able to add multiple images and videos to your story at once. The update is available on Android immediately and is coming to iOS soon.

It's a move that will make social media managers everywhere mega happy, since it saves time and effort as well as enabling you to preview an entire story before unleashing it on the world. 

If you're thinking you've heard this before then you're kinda right - Instagram introduced the multiple image option for the main Instagram feed this time last year. 


Now when you begin to upload media to Stories you’ll see a new icon at the top right corner of your screen. Tap it and you can then select up to ten photos or videos from your gallery.

Now, on the edit screen you’ll see a preview of all the media you’ve selected at the bottom - in the order you selected them. And you can tap each one to edit individually with stickers and text and that annoying twee music that people seem to use all the time. When you're done, upload! 

When you want to tag a location, Stories will now also match location data to the photo rather than your current location. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.
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