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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram has begun rolling out a brand new feature to its photo-bass app that, if you use Snapchat, will be familiar. It's called "Remix" and it lets you draw and annotate on pictures you've been sent directly by friends, for you to then be able to send back to them. 

Annotation is something that has been included with Snapchat since it first launched, but the difference is you can only draw on your own photos with Snapchat, Instagram's lets you draw on other people's.

To draw on a friend's photo, you'll need to make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed and because the feature is only just rolling out, it may not be available immediately, so it's worth checking your phone's app store regularly.


When you receive an image from a friend, you simply have to tap the camera icon in the bottom left corner to open up the annotation screen, where you’ll see your friend’s photo available as a sticker to love and resize, as well as the ability to add your own text, stickers and drawings before sending it back.

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Another new feature being introduced now allows you to make your picture messages viewable an infinite number of times, or just once. Snapchat has a similar feature where you can choose how long you want your snap to appear for.

Writing by Max Langridge.
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