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(Pocket-lint) - Everyone loves travelling and in a world with high-quality cameras tucked into our pockets in the form of smartphones, it's remarkably quick and easy to take photos of our adventures.

You only need to take a quick look at Instagram to see how popular the famous landmarks are from around the world. People everywhere are happily snapping and uploading for all to see. 


Noticing a trend, Sony's Mobile division set about carrying out some research to see just which places people loved the most. Its aim being to help show that you don't just have to take the same boring clichéd snaps that everyone else does - whether that's meditating at the Taj Mahal or pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The data also shows that people tend to take photos from the three same angles of most of the landmarks. So we've run through Sony's list, to show you the most popular places in order of most Instagrammed images. Just try to get pics from other angles too.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris (France)

eiffel_tower_lovers30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 1

Topping the list with no less that 4 million images is France's Eiffel Tower. Interestingly, people tend to take photos of the tower from multiple locations which goes against the trend of other landmarks where people mostly snap the same three angles. 

The Eiffel Tower itself opened in 1889, so it's reasonable to assume there have been a lot more photographs than that over the last century and a bit. Originally intended as the entrance to the World's Fair, it initially met with criticism over its design but has since become one of the most recognisable landmarks on the list. 

Big Ben, London (United Kingdom)

bengreenphotography30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 2

Second on the list is perhaps one of the other most recognisable landmarks in the form of Big Ben, the Great Bell and clock tower at the end of the Palace of Westminster. When it was originally completed in 1859, the clock was said to be the most accurate chiming clock in the world, it's unlikely to have retained that title, but no doubt it is now the most photographed. 

With almost 2.5 million photos on Instagram, half of which from the same three angles, Big Ben (or, more accurately, the clock tower) certainly gets a lot of love from adoring world travellers. 

The Louvre, Paris (France)

merveillesdeparis30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 3

Despite being established in 1793, the Louvre is surprisingly not the oldest of the man-made landmarks on the list, but it might be one of the most recognisable.

Located in Paris, France, it's said to be the world's largest museum and historic monument. As well as having the title of third most Instagrammed, with over 1.7 million photos uploaded, the Louvre also ranks as the world's second most visited museum with 7.4 million visitors in 2016 alone.

The Empire State Building, New York City (USA)

barreradm197530 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 4

Perhaps one of the most iconic and well-known skyscrapers in the world, the Empire State Building was also the world's tallest building for at least 40 years until it was beaten to the title by the World Trade Center (since sadly and famously destroyed in one of the worst terrorist atrocities ever).

The Empire State, however, can at least boast the crown of most Instragrammed skyscraper with at least a million and a half snaps being uploaded so far.  

Burj Khalifa, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

millionaireswealth30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 5

The Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai now holds the title of world's tallest building and has done since its opening in 2008. Reaching a staggering 829.8 metres of total height (almost twice that of the Empire State Building). It's also a popular tourist spot and a strong favourite with Instagram users. 

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris (France)

paris_tourisme30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 6

Towering over the Paris skyline is one of most well-known and most Instagrammed church buildings in the world. The Notra-Dame de Paris (which translated means "Our Lady of Paris") is said to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in the modern world and is likely to be one of the oldest man-made structures too.

Originally ground-breaking as the building work was carried out in 1163 with final touches being completed in 1345. It's reasonable to assume that plenty of people have visited the site since its original construction. 

The cathedral is certainly a strong favourite with Instagram users with more than 1.3 million photos snapped and uploaded so far. Over half of those photos were taken from the three most popular angles too, which shows that travellers have a fondness for certain sides of this monument. 

St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City (Rome)

heiko_bormann30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 7

Another of the oldest church buildings on the list,  St Peter's Basilica dates back to 1506 and has pride of place in Vatican City as one of the world's largest religious landmarks. The church is in seventh place when it comes to most snapped, a number that's no doubt set to progress as the years pass by.

The renowned Renaissance architecture of the building probably goes some way to explaining why Instagrammers love snapping this building from every angle. 

Times Square, New York City, (USA)

ricp220630 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 8

Times Square is a hub and major intersection of Midtown Manhattan in New York City and a major centre of the world's entertainment industry with the Broadway Theater District located close by. It's no surprise then that this great crossroad is in the top 10 of the most Instagrammed locations from around the globe and the last on our list to top over a million images.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (Spain)

venyteexplico30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 9

Sagrada Familia, also known as Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família - Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family - is a large Roman Catholic church which resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Construction of the Sagrada Familia began in 1882 but has yet to be finished and continuing development is expected to continue to at least 2028. 

Despite its unfinished state, the church still sees flocks of visitors every year, which is why it appears as ninth in the list of most Instagrammed monuments. 

The Colosseum, Rome (Italy)

s_e_r_g_i_o____30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 10

Perhaps the most well-known of all Roman landmarks is the Colosseum - the oval amphitheatre built by the Romans to host gladiatorial contests and spectacles to entertain the people of Rome. It's estimated that the Colosseum could hold up to 80,000 spectators in its day. Since then, the area has seen many visitors flock from all over the world to marvel at its spectacular design and history. 

Over 860,000 photos of the Colosseum have been taken and shared on Instagram with the majority of the images snapped from the same three popular angles.

Statue of Liberty, New York City (USA)

bklynborn8130 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 11

Another popular landmark from New York City is the Lady of Liberty, a copper statue that was originally a gift from the people of France to celebrate the date of the Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776.

The Statue of Liberty is certainly a firm favourite amongst travellers with over four million people visiting her each year. With that in mind, it's perhaps surprising that she's only 11th on the list of most Instagrammed monuments with around 814,000 snaps taken so far. 

Machu Picchu (Peru)

canelarodal30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 12

Machu Picchu is a Inca citadel located on a mountain ridge in Latin America. Thought to be an estate for an Incan emperor, Machu Picchu is perhaps the most well-known location of Incan civilisation. It was abandoned in the 1500s around the time of the Spanish Conquest but was later restored. Restoration continues to this day.  

As well as appearing on the list of most Instagrammed landmarks, Machu Picchu also has the title of "New Seven Wonders of the World" after being voted for in 2007 from a selection of 200 existing landmarks and monuments. Machu Picchu is most often snapped from the same three angles, probably due to the nature of the views across it from the surrounding hills and mountain tops. 

Alhambra, Granada (Spain)

my_spanish30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 13

Alhambra is a palace and fortress located in Granada, Spain. Dating back to 889 AD, its one of the oldest Spanish landmarks on our list and a popular palace for Spanish Royalty since that time. Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a vast and interesting history, not just in the palace building itself, but in the surrounding woodland which sprung up from English elm trees brought to the location by the Duke of Wellington. 

Alhambra is 13th on the list of most Instagrammed with almost 750,000 photos and counting. 

Borobudur, Magelang (Indonesia)

jksphotolog30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 14

Borobudur is the world's largest Buddhist temple, boasting impressive decorations and over 500 Buddha statues. The temple was originally constructed as a shrine to Lord Buddha as well as a place for Buddhist pilgrimage, which begins at the foot of the temple and continues through to the top via stairways and corridors. 

Borobudur is also a popular destination for Instagram travellers from across the world and comes in at 14th place on our list. 

Red Square, Moscow (Russia)

vitaliyakudi30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 15

Red Square is probably one of the most well-known locations in the former Soviet Union. It's the location of the Kremlin and the official residence of the President of Russia. It's also considered by most to be the most central point of Moscow. Red Square has its name because of the red bricks surrounding the square, not the link to communism as you might expect. 

A strong favourite with the Instagram crowd, Red Square comes in at almost 600,000 snaps to date. 

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janiro (Brazil)

worldclasstrek30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 16

At the summit of Mount Corcovado, in Rio de Janiro, stands the largest statue of Jesus Christ in the known world. Credited with being the biggest Art Deco-style sculpture to be erected in any country, it's instantly recognisable and known worldwide.

With spectacular surroundings and an awe-inspiring view, it's no surprise that Christ the Redeemer hits the list at 16th place. 

Taj Mahal, Agra (India)

traveller.chris30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 17

With the exception of perhaps the Great Pyramids, the Taj Mahal is probably the grandest mausoleum in the world. Originally built in 1653, it is estimated to have cost around 32 million rupees which is equal to around $827 million in today's money. 

The Taj Mahal is another landmark on our list to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been described as the "...one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage."

Somewhere around eight million people visit the Taj Mahal every year with over 570,000 Instagrams being snapped so far. 

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Burj Al Arab, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

korihiggins30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 18

Burj Al Arab represents another striking landmark from Dubai. This luxury hotel is unusual because it stands on an artificial island which is connected to the mainland by a private bridge. Visitors will note the unique shape of the tower which was originally designed to look like the sail of a ship. 

As well as being the third tallest hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab is also one of only four skyscrapers to appear on the list of most Instagrammed. 

Mount Fuji, Honshu Island (Japan)

doremi_jc30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 19

Mount Fuji is the tallest Japanese mountain and among one of the most well-known mountains worldwide. Standing at 3,776 metres, it's far from the tallest mountain in the world (Mount Everest is 8,848 metres) but it certainly ranks as one of the most popular. 

Said to be at least 100,000 years old, Mount Fuji is certainly one of the oldest landmarks on our list and one of the most photographed too. Over 530,000 snaps have been Instagrammed so far and the majority of them from the same three popular angles. 

Buckingham Palace, London (United Kingdom)

ridedivide30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 20

Back to the UK for the 20th landmark on our list. Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen when she's in London and the main location for occasions of state.

With 775 rooms and the largest private gardens in London, the Palace is certainly one of the most impressive Royal buildings in the world, but it might be the pomp and ceremony that keeps people visiting. With the changing of the guard ceremony and tours of the grounds that include an audio tour by Prince Charles, it's a real regal experience.

Just under half a million people have uploaded photos of Buckingham Palace to Instagram and that number is steadily climbing. With 30 million people visiting London each year, we'll no doubt see more of the same photos appearing in future. 

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo (Japan)

puraten1030 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 21

Tokyo Toweris the second tallest in the capital city, towering over the skylines of Japan and a landmark that bares a striking resemblance to another on the list. With an Eiffel Tower inspired design and a familiar lattice work, it stands out as a magnificent sight with striking bold "international orange" and white colour scheme designed to comply with air safety regulations. 

Tokyo Tower is also interesting as it has to be repainted every five years and takes an entire year to complete. Of the 485,000 plus photos of the tower, many include breath-taking shots of it dominating the skyline above Tokyo. 

Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)

mcgill_lisa30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 22

Photographs of Ha Long Bay may strike you as immediately familiar and for good reason, as it was featured in the James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies". Besides that fame, Ha Long Bay is a spectacular scatter of islands, a vision of beauty and one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations. 

Ha Long Bay is another landmark on our list which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one with a fascinating history that includes the discovery of evidence that prehistorical human beings existed in the area tens of thousands of years ago, as far back as 18,000 BC.  

Arc de Triomphe, Paris (France)

marinaruybarbosa30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 23

The Arc de Triomphe stands as a grand monument to honour and remember those who fought for France in various wars, including the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars and more recently the first World War (the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lies beneath it). It is also at the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle where 12 roads radiate out from its centre.

Construction of the Arc de Triomphe finished in 1836 and it has seen a lot of history since then, including parades through and around it during World War II by both German occupation forces and the Free French army when the war ended. In modern times, it is a great attraction for tourists and Instagram lovers from around the globe. As 23rd on the list of most Instagrammed landmarks, it has just under 450,000 photos snapped.   

Berlin Wall, Berlin (Germany)

kiaoralou30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 24

The Berlin Wall stood as a concrete symbol of oppression, cutting off and creating a divide between East and West Germany. Essentially a hangover from World War II, it was erected in 1961 to prevent emigration and defection from East Germany. After many years, the wall was opened again in 1989 and its destruction began shortly afterwards. 

Parts of the wall were left in place to mark its historic significance and visitors to Germany flock to see it in their droves every year, glad the guard towers are no longer manned, preventing them from crossing and leaving. 

Trevi Fountain, Rome (Italy)

work_travel_study30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 25

The Trevi Fountain is quite possibly one of the most famous fountains in the world and not just because of how heavily it features on Instagram. The fountain has appeared in multiple films and has a long history that stretches back to ancient Rome where it served as a terminal for the aqueducts that supplied water to the Romans. 

Now the Trevi Fountain acts an attraction for tourists where they gather to admire and throw coins into it.  Tradition dictates that coins should be tossed by the right hand over the left shoulder and with the mass of people visiting, it is estimated that there are around €3,000 thrown into it each and every day. That's a staggering $1.5 million a year! 

Interestingly, 75 per cent of people taking photos of the fountain snap it from the same three angles. 

Great Wall of China, Huairou (China) 

itravel_130 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 26

The Great Wall of China was a form of border protection built East-to-West along the old Northern borders of China somewhere in 700 BC. The wall spans 13,171 miles and has been re-built and heavily maintained since its first construction but, despite this, many sections of the wall have since collapsed or wasted away. 

People visit the wall every year to see the sites and take day tours along the magnificent sections that do still exist. As 26th on our list of most Instagrammed landmarks, the Great Wall of China has over 410,000 photographs on Instagram. 

Sydney Opera House, Sydney (Australia)

cimnews30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 27

Perhaps the grandest of the modern opera houses, the Sydney Opera House is probably one of the most instantly recognisable of all our landmarks. The building is likely to be one of the youngest too, with construction only being completed in 1973. 

The size and popularity of the Sydney Opera House means that it hosts 1,500 performances a year and is said to be visited by well over a million people as well. The magnificence of the Opera House and its locale make it extremely photogenic and result in a wonderful collection of Instagram images. 

Table Mountain, Cape Town (South Africa)

capetown30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 28

The second and final mountain on our list of most Instagrammed landmarks is located on the coast of South Africa and is an unusually flat-topped mountain that overlooks Cape Town. Impressive cliff faces, magnificent views and the dramatic backdrop of Cape Town encourage thousands of visitors and hikers every year. 

Park Güell, Barcelona (Spain)

george_laliot30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 29

Park Güell is a public park with gardens and artistically pleasing architecture. Established in 1914, it wasn't declared a World Heritage Site until 1986 when UNESCO recognised it as an important work of Antoni Guadi. The artist used organic shapes and geometric designs which give the buildings in the park a distinctive style. 

As well as wonderful architecture, the park is host to a range of wildlife including parrots that aren't native to the area. At one point, over nine million people a year visited the park and it became incredibly over-crowded to the point where authorities had to restrict access to protect the monuments and help sustain the park. 

Nevertheless, it still appears on our list of most Instagrammed landmarks at number 29. 

Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Paris (France)

bricec30 most instagrammed landmarks from around the world image 30

The final landmark on our list is yet another one from Paris. Sacré-Cœur Basilica (also known as Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris) is another Roman Catholic church of monumental magnificence. Sitting at the highest point of Paris, it offers spectacular views of the city and the building itself. 

Use of cameras is forbidden inside the church, which is why most of the photographs on Instagram are of the outside of the building. But there is also a garden for meditation and the top of the dome is open to tourists to give an even better view of the surroundings. 

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, might be last on our list of the top 30 most Instagrammed landmarks, but it still has over 375,000 photos taken so far. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.