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(Pocket-lint) - At Facebook's F8 developer's conference, Instagram, the incredibly popular photo sharing and messaging service owned by Facebook, announced offline support for Android devices.

While it doesn't mean you can constantly use the app without an internet connection, you will be able to view any post that have previously loaded when you had a Wi-Fi or data connection, like and comment on them.

Any profiles that you've previously visited can still be viewed, along with any posts you've loaded in the Explore tab.

You will be able to save any posts to your own personal collection, as well being able to create your own new posts and save drafts. As soon as your phone connects back to the internet, anything you've created, commented on, liked or saved, while offline will be instantly sent to Instagram's servers and uploaded or carried out.

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There's no word on if and when the offline functionality will work with Stories, as for now they do still need an internet connection to load, nor has an iOS version been confirmed. TechCrunch has been told by Instagram that an iOS version is being "explored".

Offline functionality is good news for anyone that lives in a country where internet isn't great, developing countries for example, where Facebook Lite user number stand at around 200 million. It's also good if you know you're heading somewhere without signal, the Underground for example, as you'll still be able to get your Instagram fix.

Writing by Max Langridge.