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(Pocket-lint) - How many great Instagram photos do you have? Chances are if you've been using the service for a while you've got dozens of amazing square photos buried in your feed. 

But it doesn't have to be that way, there are dozens of ways you can enjoy them away from your phone, and some might even surprise you. 

Retro prints

Designed to look like Polaroid snaps of yesteryear you can order  your pictures in packs of 12, 24 or 36 (how retro) in 8.8x10.5cm size. The prints themselves come with a gloss varnish on 350gsm Samimatt paper and you can even add some personalised text at the bottom in a handwritten font, to remind you where they were taken. They come in a magnetically sealed box so you can gift them too. 

From £9.99  

Square prints 

Available in 5x5 or 8x8 sizes this is as simple and straightforward as it sounds allowing you to hunt down that perfect frame. Available in gloss or matt finishes prices start from as little as 20p a print. 

From 20p

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Retro Canvas 

Want to show off that picture a little more and ditch the frame altogether? The Retro Canvas is available in three sizes: 20x30, 30x40, or 30x30cm. Yes two of those dimensions aren't square and that's because it's designed to look like a Polaroid photo complete with a personalised message at the bottom. Happy Holidays!


Photo Journal 

If you've really gone to town with your photos you could create a photo journal with them. The book, which comes with 40 pages measuring 21.9x14.9cm is printed on 115gsm vintage style paper and gives you plenty of space to jot notes about them underneath.

From £10 

Soft Baby Photo Book 

Here's a lovely idea to personalise a book for your or someone else's baby. The soft baby Photo Book is available in 4, 8,12, or 16 pages and is made from natural fabric so it can be chewed before being thrown in the washing machine. Suitable for babies 6+ and over, what pictures you add is up to you. 

From £17

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Square Lay Flat Photo Book

If you want something bigger and better still, you could opt for a 21x21cm lay flat book that lets you really enjoy the full scope of the shots you've taken. The books come in various sizes from 30 to 70 pages and its all printed on ultra heavyweight 380gsm paper. 

From £25

Photo Block 

An alternative to the photo frame or canvas a photo block is your photo mounted on a 2.5cm thick wooden block to stand on a shelf or desk. Available in a square 5x5-inch design or landscape and portrait models if you want to be adventurous it comes with black or white edging. 

From £12.99

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