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(Pocket-lint) - Let's say you want to look at Kim Kardashian's Instagram profile.

Prior to today, you could find her profile one of two ways: search "Kim Kardashian Instagram" on Google.com from any mobile device or computer, or open the mobile app and search her name from there. While that sounds simple enough, it would have been nice to have a third option where you could search from the Instagram desktop website.

That's right. Instagram has a bare-bones site at www.instagram.com, and it has slowly become more useful over the last few years. Instgram in 2012 launched user profiles that could be viewed from the web and not just the Instagram app, and in 2013, it added the ability to grab embed codes.

Now, thanks to another update, you can search for profiles through Instagram's website. Just go to the site, log into your account, and then click in the new search bar at the top. From there, start typing whatever you want to find. You can conduct searches for tags or people, and Instagram will automatically serve up related results.

Keep in mind Instagram began rolling out a sharper, faster website to all 300 million-plus users in early June. On profile pages, Instagram tossed out the grid of images above the user name. The social network also ditched square-shaped profile photos in favour of more rounded ones, and it now emphasises larger images overall.

These interface and search updates not only make Instagram's website more comparable to the mobile app but also easier for users to take advantage of the social network whenever they're using a laptop or computer.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 20 July 2015.