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(Pocket-lint) - There are several ways to express yourself while using a smartphone, such as straight up messaging someone or sending GIFs and videos, etc, but now there's another way to do it through music, thanks to a new app called Musations.

Musations basically combines social chat and music, allowing you to search for song lyrics as well as edit sound clips and share them. Artists can even create and upload exclusive content for their in-app fanbase. The idea is that Musations can be a fun and unique way for people to express themselves, but it can also be a music platform that helps artists get noticed.

One standout feature includes something called Lip Sync, which lets you find your favourite song and then share a video clip in which you mime the lyrics, while another cool feature is Sound Clip. It enables you to snip a part of a song and then share with your friends. You can also do things like identify songs with a Listen function, search for lyrics, create your own audio content, etc.

Apart from the app, Musations has launched a site called Musations Feelings Lab. It's another self-expression and creative tool, but it has a rather weird "Teenagifier" experiment that allows adults to see if they can handle the pressure of adolescence and how that affects their expression.

You can learn more about the iOS app through Musation's website.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 16 April 2015.