(Pocket-lint) - Facebook-owned Instagram has begun piping ads into Brits' photostreams, almost a year after it launched a similar ad platform in the US.

When Instagram fell under Facebook's wing, the Instagram community got all riled up by the idea of its popular photo-sharing app becoming plagued by cumbersome ads. Although you can hide the ads individually, there is no way to turn them off altogether. In other words: you're stuck with them, whether you like it or not. And that could make Instagram addicts a little annoyed.

If you're one of the many who are put off by the change, you can relax in knowing there are alternative solutions. Yes, we'll admit it: Instagram isn't the end-all, be-all of photo sharing. Pocket-lint has in fact rounded up a list of just-as-cool-if-not-better apps you should check out.

Or you can stick to Instagram. And have fun swiping through sponsored ads. It's up to you.

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Snapchat (Free)

Despite all the ephemeral stuff, Snapchat - at its core - is a photo-sharing app. And one of the most popular ones too.


With Snapchat you can take photos or videos and then designate how long a recipient is able to view them. You can also use the My Story feature of Snapchat to share continuous snaps that all your friends can view. Other features include the ability to type on photo, draw on a photo, and send messages.

Hipstamatic (£1.49)

Hipstamatic is a retro-camera app in that it features an old-camera-style user interface (a 1970s Kodak Instamatic camera as default, others are available) as well as hundreds of vintage filters.


The only thing it needs to improve is the social bit; it's lacking, to say the least. Currently, however, you can share your best photos to a range of services such as Oggl, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and of course Instagram. But you wouldn't do that, right?

Vine (Free)

While you can't share photos with Vine, you can share 6-second videos. Twitter-owned Vine kickstarted the whole clip-sharing trend well over a year ago, and Instagram simply piggy-backed last year by introducing the ability to share 15-second clips.


If you primarily used Instagram to share brief videos with friends, then Vine is probably the only alternative available with an active userbase.

Twitter (Free)

We're serious. Twitter not only offers similar Instagram photo-filtering capabilities, but it also has a huge social network behind it (which many of your friends are probably already using).


Since 2012, Twitter's iPhone app has tried to attract Instagram users by offering filters, editing tools, and everything they might need in order to post that perfect selfie or food shot. In our opinion, Twitter is one of the best straight-up alternatives to Instagram.

Flickr (Free)

Ever since Yahoo updated Flickr to offer 1TB of storage as well as a new interface, the original photo-sharing photo app became cool.


It's not only perfect for storing your photos in high-res, but you can also use its advanced editing tools (such as levels and colour balance), gorgeous live filters, and sharing options for Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. You can even follow friends and browse photos from around the world. What's not to love?

Writing by Elyse Betters.