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(Pocket-lint) - Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has always claimed that his country's soldiers are not in the Ukraine. But selfies of a soldier posted on Instagram could prove otherwise.

The selfies were posted by Russian soldier Sanya Sotkin while allegedly in Ukranian territory. Russia claims the region is only filled with the pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists.

With the passenger plane MH17 shot down over Ukraine this could put Russia in an even worse position as it is still accused as being responsible for the 298 civilian deaths by several leaders of other nations around the world.

One selfie taken by Sotkin shows him in rebel-controlled territory near the town of Krasny Derkul. Others are mapped in the Ukraine area by Instagram's tagging system.

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Sotkin claims to be a Russian communications expert on his Instagram page. He posted, on 7 July, "I still don’t understand what we’re doing here, so we’re continuing to go slightly crazy, listen to #swedishhousemafia and wait for new news from Ukraine!"

Sotkin also posted photos of soldiers in training and in camps which could help to prove that Russia is moving forces into the Ukraine, even if it is trying to keep that a secret.

Following the western coverage of the photos one commenter even congratulated Sotkin. It's likely the powers at Moscow won't be so happy.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.