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(Pocket-lint) - It's not easy to tell your friends that they posts too many selfies on Instagram. But luckily there is a robot that'll do it for you.

A service called Pic Nix has developed a robot with one sole purpose: posting and tagging your friends in photos, with your opinionated message attached, in order to get them to stop over-posting on Instagram. With this setup, you'll simultaneously hurt your friends' feelings and rid your Instagram feed of oodles of selfies and other cliche offenses.

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"Instagram does not allow 3rd party applications to publish photos to the app using their API, so in order for Pic Nix to exist, a workaround had to be created. Essentially, the only way to post a picture to Instagram is through Instagram. We considered hiring interns to do this. But after a long night of watching sci-fi movies, a solution presented itself in a dream: robots," explained Pic Nix on its website.

Pic Nix's single robot is called Silent B.O.B. (stylised SILENT B.O.B.). He's the culprit that actually posts and tags your hypercritical photo hints in real time, sans interns. Seriously. Pix Nix first lets you create an anonymous post on the service's website, and once that post is received, it is then forwarded to Pic Nix's custom JAVA application that controls Silent B.O.B. and a Bluetooth keyboard.

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Silent B.O.B. will physically tap on an iPhone to create, tag, and post the photo to Pic Nix's Instagram account. The service's Bluetooth keyboard will also insert your custom message. The entire posting process takes about two minutes. Once it is completed, your friend will receive a notification about a photo posted to the PixNixer Instagram account. He or she can then read your anonymous (and somewhat rude) advice.

There are 16 subjects you can tell your friends to stop over-posting on Instagram. A few of the more popular offenses include selfies, food, cats, etc. Not only can you write a custom message to your friend, but you can attach it to one of Pic Nix's generic photos (each have an appropriate image caption). A warning to stop posting selfies, for instance, will appear on top of an actual selfie photo captured by Pic Nix.

Sure, it all sounds a bit judgey. But it's still neat to think about a robot hand-punching and then delivering your harsh opinions to friends. We just can't help but wonder if Instagram will ever disable Pic Nix's Instagram account for posting too many photos and/or "spamming" users. That said, if you'd like to learn more about Pic Nix's posting process, watch the video above.

Writing by Elyse Betters.