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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram, after its new Direct messaging was announced, has taken the time to reflect. It’s been a busy year for the Facebook-owned photographic and video social site. With over 150 million active users and 55 million photos uploaded every day there’s lots to chose from, but here are the best bits.

The ideal place to start is the most -iked photo. It’s a shot of Will Smith and Justin Beiber throwing up the most generic looking pose they could muster. And the reward for such inanity - 1,496,070 likes. Well done guys.

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But the most popular people on Instagram are One Direction with the top three places{ Harry Styles has 5,718,141 followers, Niall Horam  4,565,578 and the One Direction official account has 3,960,792 followers. And that is in no way depressing.


The most instagrammed day of the year was America’s Thanksgiving which was also the first day of Hannukah. This holiday combo led to more photos of dead animals ready to be eaten and lit candles than anyone’s eyes could absorb. Take a peek inside the dining rooms of the world on the Instagram Thankgivukkah page.

And if you enjoyed those dining shots check out Ida Frosk, she’s a Norwegian food artist and one of the most popular food instagrammers with 183,892 followers. Then there’s Jamie Oliver orbiting everyone with an insane 1,478,556 followers.

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Some big news moments from the year that you can visually revisit at these links include the royal baby’s birth, Obama’s visit to Africa, the Oklahoma tornado, Russia’s meteor landing, the same-sex marriage ruling, and Pope Benedict stepping down - to name a few.

The top hashtags of the year were #tbt, #friends, #fashion, #food and of course #selfie. And the top geotagged cities were New York, Bangkok, LA, London and Sao Paulo.

And to finish, one of the most-viewed events of the year, in sport, was Andy Murray saying thanks to his fans after finally winning Wimbledon. Such emotion, such character, such passion. Maybe a photo and words would have been better Andy. Or a selfie like Darth Vader did.

Writing by Luke Edwards.
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