Boomf, putting the boom in, well Boomf. The name makes little sense but the idea is inspired. Link your Instagram photos to the Boomf site, chose nine snaps you want, pay £12, and you’ll be delivered marshmallow prints.

Want to put your face in a mate’s hot chocolate? You can. Perhaps you like to stare at the horizon photo you took on holiday while sipping a hot choc? Now you can.

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Yup, it does mean paying over a £1 per marshmallow, which isn’t cheap, but it has potential. These could be great for a hen party end of the night drink. And of course there’s the chance for you to snap your man parts and plant marshmallow versions in your buddy’s beverage. The shocked face alone has got to be worth every penny.

And if you’re feeling particularly vicious you could print off your enemies and toast their faces over an open fire, while howling at the moon. If that's your thing.