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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram has announced that more than 150 million people are now accessing its apps on both iOS and Android. Of the 150 million users, the photo-sharing network says 50 million of them have joined in the last six months, an impressive growth rate.

With the mass of users, the Facebook-owned company will soon begin showing advertisements, something it has stayed away from since 2010.

Emily White, director of business operations at Instagram, confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that Instagram "should be ready to begin selling ads within the next year".

Past the confirmation, White didn't go into specifics on how advertisements will be displayed to users. However, we'll go ahead and speculate it will be partnered companies snapping photos and promoting them across users' timelines - similar to what is found on Facebook and competitor Twitter now. The Search and Discover areas of Instagram could also be areas of interest.


White says Instagram doesn't have any short term pressure to make money, but it wants to in the near future. The photo sharing network looks to be ticketing big names for the launch of advertisements. White met with Ford, Williams-Sonoma, and Coca-Cola, in the last week.

Instagram's growth has been astounding. In April, Instagram announced its platform is now made up of half Android users, one year after launching on the platform after its being iOS-exclusive.

Writing by Jake Smith.