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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram on Wednesday introduced web embedding, enabling users to share Instagram photos and videos anywhere on the internet.

It's a pretty simple yet much requested update. Now, when visiting an Instagram photo or video page on a desktop web browser, users will see a share button under the comments button on the right. Just click the share button to grab the embed code.

From there, users can copy the code and paste it into blogs, websites or articles that support HTML. This feature allows Instagram content to appear on more places on the internet. As for privacy, Instagram says the embed code is available only to public photos and videos.


Instagram made clear that users will still own their content - and everyone else will see who owns each photo and video. The embed appears with an Instagram username. In addition, clicking the Instagram logo will bring people to a user's profile on Instagram.com. 

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Instagram has revealed that web embeds is the app's most-requested feature after Instagram Video, which launched last month to give Twitter's rival video service - Vine - a run for its money. Instagram's new functionality comes two months after Vine updated and similarly introduced the ability for users to embed six-second videos across the web. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.