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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook-owned Instagram has introduced a new video feature with 15-second videos, editing functionality, filters and image stabilisation. Such bells and whistles will likely dazzle the service's 130 million active user base, but there are also those devoted fans of a similar service called Vine who are now shaking in their boots.

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Twitter launched Vine in January, and it has since grown to 13 million users and become increasingly popular. It even spawned a bunch of "Vine famous" stars like Chris Delia, Rudy Mancuso, Simon Rex, Brittany Furlan, Will Sasso, Sunny Mabrey, DirtyCurt...the list goes on. And they've already begun posting Vines to mock Instagram's recent foray into short videos.


However, all scoffing aside, how do Vine and Instagram's features really measure up when tallied against each other? Well, let's take a look.

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Video Length
Instagram offers the ability to capture 15-second videos. Vine offers only 6-second videos.

Instagram has 13 new filters that users can apply after recording to enhance or change the look of their videos. Vine does not have any filters.

Delete Last Clip/Editing
Both services will let users capture multiple clips in a series, but Instagram uniquely lets users delete the last clip recorded in a series. Users cannot delete the second clip without deleting the third and fourth clip - thus they can only remove the last clip. Vine doesn't offer the ability to delete the last clip or edit videos. 

Instagram has a Cinema feature that stabilises videos. Vine does not stabilise videos. 

Front-facing Camera
Both services allow front-facing camera shots. 

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Cover Photo
After recording, editing and filtering a video, an Instagram user can select a frame from the video that will first appear to other users when scrolling through the stream or user profiles. Vine doesn't have this capability and instead auto-presents a video's first moment as its "cover" in the stream. 

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Save to Camera Roll
Both services will save videos to the Camera Roll.

Both services will auto-play videos, but Instagram has a two-second wait before videos play. Vine has an immediate auto-play for videos.

Vine videos will continuously loop, giving them a GIF-like feel. Instagram videos do not loop, as they simply start and end. Instagram users must tap videos to replay. 

Vine users can tap-to-mute videos and watch without sound. Instagram users cannot mute videos without turning down their device's volume.

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Vine shares to Facebook and Twitter, while Instagram shares to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and email.

Vine users can embed Vines via desktop, but Instagram currently does not include this feature on Instagram.com.

Both services will let users geo-tag their locations.

Photo Map
Instagram offers a photo map that enables users to browse photos - and now videos - based on location. Vine does not have a map feature.

Both services offer ways to discover new videos. Vine has the ability to search people and provides an Explore section with Editor's Pick, Popular Now, hashtags and categories. Instagram also has an Explore section with trending content, as well as search capabilities and support for hashtags. 

Both services are available for iOS and Android.

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And that's about everything. Only time will tell how these two services really fare. Vine stars could jump ship to pioneer over at Instagram - or Instagram's videos could get lost and drown in a sea of heavily filtered selfies and food pics. In the meantime, the rest of us now have plenty of videos to swipe through. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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