Last year Kellogg's set up a special Tweet Shop in London, letting customers get free Special K snacks for a tweet. The company is at it again, only this time it's an Instagram shop, or Instashop.

The pop-up shop in Stockholm, Sweden, was set up last week, letting lucky Swedes get their hands on a box of Special K cereal in exchange for an Instagram photo tagged with #nyaspecialk (which means #newspecialk).

"Our Scandinavian target audience is more active on Instagram than on Twitter, so opening a pop-up store where Instagram photos are used as social currency seemed like a great fit for launching the new recipe for Special K," said Jan Hedegaard, Nordic marketing director at Kellogg's.

Kellogg's tells us that Special K is the best-selling cereal in Sweden and this latest stunt forms part of the advertising effort looking to promote the new recipe for the cereal.

Let's hope that Kellogg's stays creative in its efforts. Free food for a little social sharing: what's not to love? 

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