Inq has announced that it is adding Instagram, the popular photo-sharing network, into its SO.HO app, meaning you can get your friends' photos on your homescreen and always stay in the picture.

Inq's SO.HO, short for social homescreen, is a launcher app that changes the face of your Android smartphone to deliver your social content upfront, rather than have you dig through individual apps.

When the SO.HO app launched in March 2013 it integrated Twitter and Facebook, letting you have those networks on your homescreen. The great thing about SO.HO is that once you're signed in, the content is there for you to immediately engage with.

Now with three of the most popular social networks, you'll be able to switch instantly between Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the action.

You can also share to any of these social networks with a tap, meaning you can then dive straight into the Instagram app to grab that perfect shot, or update Facebook or Twitter.

"Since the release of SO.HO many users have commented that they would like to see the addition of Instagram to the launcher," said Ken Johnstone, CEO and co-founder of Inq.

"With Twitter, Facebook and now Instagram, we're dedicated to making SO.HO the go-to tool for immediate access to all of your social media."

The SO.HO launcher app is available to download on Google Play for free.