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(Pocket-lint) - If you aren’t too chuffed by the news that Facebook has just bought Instagram, or you are keen to make sure you keep a backup of the Instagram photos you’ve been snapping away for some time, there are several services that allow you to export your photos. We look at three backup apps for Instagram to make sure your photos are save, whoever owns the company. 


Instaport is a simple way to export or backup all your Instagram photos by downloading a single zip file. 

To use the free service you simply visit the site, sign in with Instagram and then choose to where you want the zip file to be downloaded.

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It does the rest and you go and make a cup of tea or grab a glass of water depending on how snappy happy you’ve been. 

The site says that it plans to add Flickr and RSS support soon, but that’s not possible as yet. 



Copygram offers more than just your photos on your desktop in a folder, but a complete way of storing photos in the Cloud - yes a second Cloud storage - as well as viewing other people’s public Instagram shots. 

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All you have to do is sign in with your Instagram user name it. Once you’ve signed in and created your Copygram profile you can then press a button and have your Instagram images backed up to be viewed on this service. 

The service emails you once the zip is done so you can download it. 

Taking it one stage further, you can also use Copygram to order prints of pictures and even Fridge Magnets. 

If you aren’t in to printing you can still use the service for searching other users or simply keeping a track of what photos you’ve taken. 



If you are put off by a web app and want something to run from your desktop you could opt for InstaBackup, a Mac Up created by David Smith following the announcement that Facebook had bought Instragram. 

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The simple-to-use Mac app requires you to log in before allowing you to select where on your Mac you want to save your Instagram files. 

How long you’ve been using Instagram will dictate how long the your download will take, but the app, which is incredibly basic, is speedy and works as you would expect. 


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Writing by Stuart Miles.