Instagram, a once iOS staple, is headed to Android. The application, which allows you to share retro style pictures between followers, as well as Tweet and post images to Facebook, has long been popular with iPhone users. 

As of now the service has no less than 15 million users. A post on The Next Web points to just two people working on an Android app. Not many we know, but still at least it means it is coming. 

Launching on Android will create a huge new number of possible users of the platform which is currently limited by the fact it is only available on the iPhone. The company continues to grow at an astonishing rate, gaining a supposed six million new users in just two months. 

Spurred on by continued camera improvements, Instagram's clever retro style post production functionality and ease of use, is making it the go to social photo sharing app. 

No date as of yet for the Android launch, but if you do fancy giving the app a go and own an iPhone, then it can be downloaded here

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