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(Pocket-lint) - Each month we'll be taking a look at the best new apps in Huawei's AppGallery - which gives you all the apps you'll ever need on newer Huawei phones like the Mate 30 and P40 series as well as older Huawei devices.

This time we're looking at puzzle adventure Clockmaker, newly available on AppGallery. It immerses you in a race to find the Mystery of the Maleficent Clockmaker. In order to get there, you need to navigate your way through puzzles that enable you to make repairs. 

The journey to get there will take you through over a thousand mini-games in the race to get to where you need to be. 

Clockmaker has achieved huge success across various platforms globally during the last couple of years. It has also regularly featured on top-grossing charts due to its interactive and exciting gameplay.

As we've come to expect from fresh games on AppGallery, players will also receive an exclusive gift pack redeemable after completing the first house level at the beginning of the game thanks to a partnership between AppGallery and Belka Games.

The pack includes 24 hours of unlimited lives, as well as 15 premium rubies to spend within the in-game store.

"We are delighted that more gamers around the world can now experience the popular Clockmaker gameplay experience," said Yuriy Krasilnikov, head of business development at Belka Games.

"As we’ve already seen, the game is a huge hit, so we’re thrilled that more gamers will have access as a result of our partnership with Huawei."

More than a million users play Belka's flagship titles Clockmaker, Solitaire Cruise and Funky Bay worldwide. 

AppGallery remains the third-largest and one of the fastest-growing app stores worldwide. It offers a wide variety of global and local apps across 18 categories. The service is available in more than 170 countries and regions with over 540 million monthly active users globally.

As with Clockmaker, developers like Belka Games can get help to launch on AppGallery thanks to Huawei's support in the lead up to app launch. The partnershop between Belka Games and AppGallery means fans could expect to see more in the coming months.

This very app is a strong example of Huawei's HMS Core in action as it integrates with in-app purchases and advertising systems on App Gallery (IAP Kit and Ads Kit).

"Working with Huawei has been an enjoyable experience for the team at Belka Games," said Krasilnikov.

"We have received a great level of operational and development support from the start and we were pleased with the smooth integration of Huawei’s HMS Core Kits so that we can offer fans of the game the services that they deserve."

Huawei has worked with more than 4.5 million developers across the globe on AppGallery apps, with total downloads reaching 384.4 billion in 2020. As of June 2021, more than 141,000 applications have been integrated with HMS Core worldwide. 

Download Clockmaker now from AppGallery.