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(Pocket-lint) - Each month we'll be taking a look at the best new apps in Huawei's AppGallery - which gives you all the apps you'll ever need on your Huawei phone. AppGallery is available in more than 170 countries with over 540 million monthly active users. 

This time we're looking at strategy-classic Empire: Four Kingdoms. Empire: Four Kingdoms is part of the extraordinary successful Empire Family with over 220 million registered users.  

To mark the release of the game on AppGallery, new players will be offered an extremely good starter package. They'll get a unique decoration for their castle, troops for castle protection and a substantial amount of gold coins. New players will also get coupons so they can buy further bits of content at reduced prices. 

The offer will be available for 24 months, ending April 2023. It will be available worldwide.

The app is produced by Goodgame Studios, a developer of games in the free-to-play sector. The Hamburg studio also worked with Microsoft to produce Big Farm: Mobile Harvest in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 - the app is also already available on Huawei AppGallery. Goodgame Studios' work with Huawei marks another milestone for the developer. 

Huawei has been working with a total of 2.3 million developers across the globe and in 2020 the total downloads from AppGallery reached 384.4 billion.

"We are overjoyed to team up with a big player in the high-tech sector such as Huawei. This cooperation enables a perfect symbiosis between our products and the platform that is Huawei AppGallery." Patrick Abrar, Chief Business Officer of Goodgame Studios, said.

"Huawei AppGallery allows us to further expand our distribution for Empire: Four Kingdoms and to provide the game to an exponentially growing audience. Our game is a strategy-classic and owners of a smart Huawei device are going to enjoy countless hours of fun and excitement" Benjamin Völkel, head of the development studio. 

How to get the gift content for Empire: Four Kingdoms

1. Download Empire: Four Kingdoms from Huawei AppGallery
2. Start the app and progress through the early game until level 6
3. At level 6 a pop-up will appear with the gift content
4. Claim the gift content by accepting it via the button at the bottom end of the pop-up
5. The content will be delivered to the players' inventory (troops and coins will be added to the related resources)