(Pocket-lint) - Huawei held its latest Developer Webinar this week - which you can re-watch above. Now the Chinese company has released a new guide to help app developers be more successful in China by re-tooling them for the huge Chinese market. 

The downloadable white paper discusses what is driving such strong expansion in the market and pinpointing the areas of growth. There are also full details on all the new initiatives Huawei is launching to help developers move their apps into the Chinese market.

Huawei's own HMS ecosystem has extensive support to help developers explore opportunities in China. Since last year, Huawei has helped over 350 partners enter the Chinese market. The company has provided consulting services plus localisation assistance as well as marketing help.

What was discussed during the latest Huawei Developer Webinar?

The latest Huawei Developer Webinar – Grow in China, Win with AppGallery underlined Huawei's commitment to helping global app developers tap into the lucrative Chinese market. Just making an app available in China isn't enough; you need to overcome the barriers to entering China including the localisation and promotion of your app. 

There are over 904 million mobile internet users in China, and last year app downloads in mainland China approached 100 billion meaning there is huge opportunity for developers. 


A huge number of Chinese smartphone users have Huawei devices and the company has a deep understanding of its domestic app marketplace. The company is increasingly looking to use this expertise to help international developers adapt their apps for HMS and App Gallery. AppGallery now boasts more than 500 million monthly active users throughout more than 170 countries and regions, all of them using Huawei devices. 

It is no wonder that developers from overseas are looking to tap into the world’s largest app market, and Huawei is helping them navigate the long list of different qualifications, certificates, reviews, licenses and permits which must be fulfilled when releasing an app in China. 

"It's challenging to navigate the wide range of local regulatory and compliance requirements and developers often struggle to localise their app and make it relevant and marketable to Chinese users," said Ilya Fedotov, Head of Global Partnerships and Eco-Development Communication at Huawei Consumer Business Group. 

New platform launched to assist developers

At the webinar, Huawei also launched a new, easy-to-use online platform to help developers navigate the Chinese market. It's all with the aim of helping developers identify the issues they have - whether that's developing the necessary licenses or documentation or helping with questions around other areas such as monetisation, data privacy and game licensing.

Huawei says that Chinese gamers have a high expectation towards quality; more than half of Chinese gamers rank graphic performance as an important factor, and over 40 percent prioritise innovative gameplay when choosing the games they play.

Using HMS Core solutions, developers can create high-quality experiences tailored for Chinese gamers, who are more willing to spend time and money on heavy games.

HMS Core provides a streamlined graphics rendering engine and framework such as Slim LOD, Scene Kit, and components for mainstream engines such as Unity and Cocos. All of which helps developers improve graphics performance on the Android