(Pocket-lint) - Today Huawei will hold another of its key developer webinars. This Huawei Developer Webinar (HDW) will help app developers in the UK and elsewhere develop apps for the Chinese market with the help of AppGallery.

This webinar will showcase how you, as an app developer, can tap into the huge potential that the Chinese app market offers. Huawei AppGallery helps global developers to overcome challenges and succeed in the expanding Chinese market through several initiatives to help you make a success of your apps in China. Full details about the new suite of support for app developers will be revealed during the Huawei Developer Webinar.

The session takes place today, 9 November from 12:00 – 13.15 GMT and will be streamed right here. If you're an app developer you'll gain valuable insight into how to ready your apps for the huge Chinese market. China boasts 1.3 billion mobile internet users and there were nearly 100 billion app downloads in the country during 2019 - indeed, Chinese users accounted for half of the global consumer spending on mobile apps last year, too. 

What you'll learn

The Webinar - called Grow in China, Win with AppGallery - will provide valuable insight into China’s growing app market, as well as shed light on how Huawei can help you, as a developer, navigate and overcome the current barriers to entry in the country. What you'll learn will enable you to unleash your potential in the world’s biggest app market.

The session includes experts in the Chinese app marketplace and mobile gaming giants like Tecent, iDreamSky, Jinke and Feiyu. Each of them is well-accustomed to attracting new mobile gamers and succeeding in China. 

"We’ve always known the potential in China is huge and it’s little wonder the country is widely considered to be the world’s first ‘mobile-first’ society" says Ilya Fedotov, Head of Global Partnerships & Eco-Development Communication, Huawei Consumer Business Group.

"It accounts for about half of global consumer spending on mobile apps, and last year app downloads in mainland China approached 100 billion, with gaming at the forefront of this exciting growth."

"However, developers from overseas often struggle to capitalise on the opportunities China presents due to numerous barriers and challenges. For example, it’s hard to navigate the wide range of local regulatory and compliance requirements, and developers often struggle to localise their app and make it relevant and marketable to Chinese users."

Developers will be offered insights into how to overcome challenges when entering the Chinese market and where the opportunities are, as well as learn valuable information about Chinese user habits and other consumer trends.

Why local knowledge is important

Developers need to ensure their app is adapted for the local market - there’s more to succeeding in China than simply listing an app and waiting for the downloads to start streaming in, and it’s often important details and crucial nuances that can be the difference between an app that flops and one that flourishes. 

That’s where Huawei can help. The technology giant is synonymous with China’s booming smartphone market - it had a 46% market share of smartphone sales in the country in the second quarter of 2020, while its app distribution platform, AppGallery, continues to go from strength to strength in China and throughout the world, having amassed 500 million active users globally. Not only does the company play a key role in China’s mobile world – its technology, products, and services have helped shape the world’s largest smartphone market and the modern Chinese smartphone user.

Huawei Developer Webinar – Grow with AppGallery in China starts at 12pm GMT and can be watched here.