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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei is one of the world's most innovative companies and it's always good to hear what's coming up next. 

Recently, Huawei held an event to enable developers to discover what's coming up for Huawei’s brand new e-commerce solution for live streaming. The event is the latest part of Huawei’s commitment to creating an ecosystem so developers can open new doors and enable AppGallery users to unlock more innovative and unique experiences.


Obviously, we're all used to buying anything and everything online, but the evolving web - along with smarter devices - means that ways to reach customers need to evolve, too.

Live streaming has a far more successful customer conversion rate compared to traditional e-commerce and is more effective at activating sales and building loyalty, which shows how it could be key to the market's future.

HuaweiHuawei Developer Webinar 2020: What's it all about and what were the highlights? photo 3

Global e-commerce sales increased from $2.39 trillion in 2018 to $3.46 trillion in 2019 and with the pandemic in effect as well as continued working from home, this looks to rise further during the remainder of 2020. 

"The pandemic forces us, as consumers, to change our behaviours due to lockdowns and restrictions. Online demand is flourishing with a greater variety of products and categories online. Digital has become the core business of every type of industry," said Dafiti’s head of product, Roosevelt Nascimento; one of the spokespeople from the Huawei Developer Webinar.

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As more retailers and consumers look to online streaming to sell and buy, live e-commerce is expected to represent a larger chunk of the retail sector. Huawei’s innovative solution is designed to help developers unlock more opportunities and enable retailers to host superior live streaming experiences: easier, faster, and more immersive.

HMS at the forefront

Behind the enhanced live e-commerce solution is Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core including Huawei's own Augmented Reality (AR) Engine join together with the very latest in AI technology (HiAI) brings a crisper, more intelligent, and efficient live streaming solution.

The benefit is that it'll lower your costs yet increase the amount of traffic you can acquire as an etailer - that's pretty impressive. The new offering enables you to more easily and cheaply integrate Huawei’s AR capabilities into live streaming. And that means you'll create an experience that’s really worthwhile for you as a retailer as well as the customers you want to sell to.

Reducing latency

Forget latency or interruptions from freezing live streams. Huawei’s expertise in 5G and Wi-Fi means you'll get a more reliable and faster live streaming experience.

HuaweiHuawei Developer Webinar 2020: What's it all about and what were the highlights? photo 5

Using different angles to engage

Huawei’s device virtualisation kit enables easy switching between cameras with one click on the host’s phone. That means products you want to sell can be displayed from multiple angles and in engaging ways. The technology can be easily operated from a single device, which in turn means it can scale nicely depending on your resources.

Pilot Collaboration Program

The online webinar also introduced the Pilot Collaboration Program. The program is designed to support developers who want to build more advanced live streaming solutions using Huawei's HMS Core. Huawei will fund five global partners and help them unlock more business opportunities in e-commerce live streaming. 

Making the most of the AI opportunity 

The live e-commerce solution also integrates Huawei HiAI. That means you can easily include different scenes and sell against those. With real-time backdrop processing, digital backdrop replacements are made possible according to different scenarios, providing the audience with natural and intuitive product demonstrations

With Huawei’s AR capabilities integrated into the live streaming app, products can be displayed in an even clearer way. For example, you can see inside a product.

You can recap the entire Developer Webinar event on YouTube here: