So, Eclair has arrived, pretty much as we predicted. The SDK is now available to developers who want to build the next version - version 2.0 - of Android into their devices, as well as people who want to create apps for the platform.

Among the improvements will be email and contact syncing with multiple accounts from multiple sources, Exchange sync support, a combined inbox for those multiple email accounts, better calendar, improvements in address book UI, loads of camera improvements including flash, digital zoom and a macro mode, a better virtual keyboard, improved graphics, three-point multi-touch, a better browser and Bluetooth 2.1.

Some of those things, like the keyboard and exchange support, have been provided by device manufacturers building their own editions of Android, and some have been waiting in the wings for a while. Will these improvements bring bog-standard Android up to the same level that HTC took it to with its Sense add-ons?

We'll have to see when there are some phones available with it on.