The ebook reader product releases continue apace, but this time round there's something a little different on offer with an Android phone incorpoated into an ebook reader.

Spring Design has announced "Alex", the first e-book reader running Android with full browser capabilities and two screens - one a 6-inch E-Ink display and a 3.5-inch colour display underneath.

The unusual device can "liven up text" with multimedia links, the target of which can be displayed on the secondary colour LCD screen, actually an integrated Android mobile device, which can also show photos and videos.

"Duet Navigator" tech means content can be shown on either screen while "Link Notes", a multimedia authoring tool means users will be able to "dynamically grab relevant content".

With Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, Alex offers expandable storage via SD card, headphones and speakers, as well as "smartphone capabilities".

Spring Design says it is "currently in discussion with, and enlisting major content partners and plans to release the Alex device for selected strategic partners by the end of this year".