A version of Google's Chrome browser for Macs is due to arrive sooner than expected, the search giant's CEO has revealed at a New York press conference.

While Chrome for Macs was not due to be available for consumer consumption until the first half of 2010, it may come in time for Christmas.

"I see a lot of Macs in this room, and a lot of very sophisticated people are using Macs now and we need to get a version of Chrome out for that, which we’ll have in a couple of months. The key to browser strength is speed", said Schmidt.

The comment was a response to a question on Chrome's low market share, reports PC Pro, an issue Google founder Sergey Brin refuted:

"Some of your premises about Chrome are incorrect, in terms of adoption, and we’re going to get that message out. It's [market share] actually exceeding our benchmarks", Brin said.