Truphone has announced that its popular Android app is getting an upgrade, to version 2.0. The application will be benefiting from a completely new user interface, better account management and it'll also now run natively - meaning it'll run faster.

Truphone, in case you're unfamiliar, allows you to make international calls for the price of a local call - which for most people is free. The call hits a local Truphone gateway, and is then transmitted over the Truphone network.

You can also call people on Skype, on Google Talk, and use IM on the aforementioned services, as well as allowing you access to your contacts on MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and Twitter.

Karl Good, Director of Consumer Apps for Truphone, told Pocket-lint: "The improvements to the Android application come from customer feedback and lessons learned from our first application to provide a slicker and faster user experience. This new Android application builds on our heritage of being a pioneer in the mobile industry, providing high quality voice services and making Truphone the smart choice for people with an international lifestyle".

If you've got an international lifestyle, then you can download the app from either the Truphone website or the Android market. You can also get Truphone apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia handsets.