INQ mobile, the company behind the INQ handsets has said that it will be launching an Android powered handset in the near future.

In an "Fireside chat" with Om Malik, at Mobilize 09, the company's CEO Frank Meehan confirmed the that company was working with Google to create a new handset.

"We are moving into Android, and be bringing out Android phones," said Meehan before confirming that Android is the "right thing to do."

Praising the iPhone as a "beautiful device" Meehan omitted that you need to go one better to get the iPhone out of someone's hand.

"We are going to do some pretty cool things with Android," said Meehan.

INQ previously has used the Brew platform to create what many see as the first "Social networking" handset called the INQ1 in 2008.

"We are currently going after the feature phone market, but it is very boring and dull," said Meehan.

"What you are seeing over the next 6 months is everyone catching up with what we were thinking about three years ago," Meehan laid down to the industry.

Unfortunately the company didn't give any details about a possible launch date.

We will keep you posted.