Google has come to a deal with Sony that'll see its Chrome browser promoted via Vaio laptops. It's undoubtedly an attempt to pump up the popularity of the browser, which has been well reviewed but is used by relatively few people.

Microsoft and Google both fight to be the default search provider on new PCs from many manufacturers, but Mozilla has managed to build its market share without resorting to such deals. Chrome is also offered to users who download RealPlayer from RealNetworks.

Chrome currently has a 2% share of the browser market - approximately 30m active users. It's much vaunted for its speed and stripped-down approach to browsing, but doesn't have the add-on functionality beloved of Firefox users.

Brian Rakowski, product management director for Chrome, told the Financial Times: "It’s not so important everyone uses Google Chrome, it’s more important browser technology evolves as fast as it can".