Google's RSS feed software, Google Reader, has been given an upgrade that allows its users to more easily share content. The search giant has added functionality that allows you to send items to Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and a number of other services.

To enable the functionality, head to the settings page and enable the services that you want to see in the drop-down menu. Available services, at the time of writing, include Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Twitter, there's also the ability to manually create a custom link to send to.

There's also the ability to subscribe to a person - which will then pull in RSS content from the blogs, photo feeds and twitter profile that the person has included on their Google profile. You can access this functionality through the "From people you follow" tab on the "Browse for stuff" page.

Lastly, the "mark all as read" button now has the option to filter by date. That means that you can mark everything but the last fortnight, week or day's content as read - making it easy to revisit feeds that you haven't read in some time.