The latest version of Google's Chrome browser contains rudimentary support for themes, according to sources across the Web. In addition, it looks like the search giant is building a directory to put the themes in. Themes have long been a feature of Opera and Firefox.

When opening the latest developer version of Chrome, the "new tab" page appears with your most visited sites. However, if you click to remove some of them, then a thumbnail for such a directory shows up, which links to a page which isn't yet live.

At least 24 are pictured in the thumbnail, with some looking similar to the already-existing themes for Gmail and iGoogle. It's been possible, via a little hackery, to skin Chrome for some time, though it looks like the company is making its support a little more official.

It could also be a product of the development of Chrome OS. There are few operating systems around that don't let you customise the appearance of your windows, so this could be the beginnings of support for the functionality in that OS too.