Gmail has added a new feature that lets you get out of those irritating mailing lists that you can't quite be bothered to unsubscribe to. When you mark certain lists as spam, Gmail will offer to unsubscribe on your behalf.

Gmail says: "We don't think you should be burdened with managing messages you don't want to receive. We do our best to put messages in Spam when we're pretty sure you won't want or need them. But everyone has different preferences about the mail they want to see".

"We're providing you with an unsubscribe tool for some messages. You'll see the unsubscribe tool when you mark a message from particular types of mailing lists as spam. If the particular message is a misuse of a mailing list you like to receive, you can Report spam as usual. But if you never want to receive another message or newsletter from that list again, click Unsubscribe instead".

Quite a useful tool, though it won't work on every mailing list. It'll also usually take a few days to process the request.

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