Google has announced that it'll be releasing three more updates to the Android OS this year - Donut, Eclair and Flan.

Google's director of mobile platforms, Andy Rubin, has told journalists not to worry about Chrome OS detracting from Android, as well as saying that Google plans to make the mobile OS more social. Other than that, he didn't specify much in terms of what the updates would include.

"Social is a big push for now", he said, adding that sites like Facebook will see greater integration within phones powered by Android. Chrome OS is planned to be more web-centric, he said, and will lack telephony functions for handsets.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the HTC Hero - the third Android smartphone to be released and the first with a 3.5mm headphone jack - has slipped a few days, as Pocket-lint predicted it would do, despite denials at the time. Originally scheduled for a launch "early July", the handset will now officially arrive on 21 July instead.