We're not convinced these are necessarily the real deal, but an anonymous employee at a company that supplies parts to Acer claims to have got some screenshots of Google's new Chrome OS.

Yes, already. The timing's more than a little suspect, but if we're taking it at face value, then he's got some other info to share about the install process. The highlights of which are:

- Install takes about 10 minutes, with one restart
- It's "amazingly fast"
- Rebooting takes about 25 seconds
- You can navigate in "explorer" mode, or "browser" mode
- The bar at the bottom can also have a search bar, and programs appear like in Windows 7, as an icon
- The clock on the bar is "very stationary and looks very plain. However, it does work". Good to hear.

We'll bring you more on Chrome OS as it breaks.

UPDATE: It was a fake, as has now been announced via the blog that posted the original shots. From the blog:

"I am sorry if you beleived [sic] it. It was a really bad attempt. You all are smart people. I never planned on it getting this big. But it did. (Come one, I know the Google logo. I am actually a graphic designer, I just wanted to see reactions if it was a crappy back.)"

"Oh, right, I also DO know CSS and HTML. Just clarifying that. I never was going to let this go on longer than 12 hours".