Among all the devices we’ve seen so far at Computex, ECS had one of the coolest looking mobile internet devices, or MIDs as they're also known as.

The T800, as it's currently called, offers an unusual mix of features. First and foremost, the T800's operating system is Google's Android and it's the first device of this type that we've seen using this OS.

It has an 8.1-inch display with a yet unknown resolution, but we wouldn't expect it to be as high as on the Sony VAIO P-series.

The choice of processor is also interesting, as ECS listed two different models of Texas Instruments OMAP3 and this is the first time we've seen a device of this kind powered by a processor from Texas Instruments.

The T800 will be available with either an 800MHz or a 1GHz processor. You also get 512MB of memory, a hard drive or SSD drive depending on configuration, two USB 2.0 ports, a webcam, a card reader and a headphone jack.

Finally the T800 also offers support for a built in HSDPA 3G modem, but it can also be equipped with WiMAX.

At 246 x 121 x 20mm it's fairly compact, but at 800 grams it's still a lot heavier than even the biggest smartphones.

The keyboard also looks a bit quirky, but at least there's plenty of spacing between the keys, but we're not so sure about that tiny touch pad. Still, if the price is right and ECS manages to make a sensible implementation of Android on the T800 we can see this becoming a very popular device.