Google has launched an update to its web browser Google Chrome, promising users a faster, "speedier" experience than they have had in the past.

The new version, internally dubbed Chrome 2, will see an improved new tab page and the introduction of a full screen mode and form autofill being added to the plethora of other options available currently.

The new tab page will allow, following user feedback, the ability to remove thumbnails from the Tab page, so users can "finally hide that embarrassing gossip blog [read porn site] from the Most Visited section".

Full Screen Mode lets you do as you might expect, view the page in full screen, while autofill should make filling in repetitive forms easier.

Under the bonnet, Google says that it's increased stability, fixing over 300 bugs that caused crashes since launch, and more importantly made the browser faster thanks to a new version of WebKit and an update to the JavaScript engine.

If you are currently using Google Chrome you should get a notification soon about an automatic update to this new version.