The problem with using cars to map streets is that there are some places that cars just can't go. Britain's got a lot of dark alleys, pedestrianized areas and footpaths that Google's intent on getting down, but currently can't.

Its solution? Tricycles. The company has built a fleet of street-view trikes which it describes as "a mechanical masterpiece comprising 3 bicycle wheels, a mounted Street View camera and a very athletic cyclist in customised Google apparel".

The company is undertaking a public vote, in partnership with VisitBritiain, to pick which of Britain's monuments should be viewable on the web. There are five categories - castles, coastal paths, natural wonders, historic buildings and monuments and stadiums.

The trikes will be up and running in the UK this summer, but they're heading to Italy first. Italy's got its fair share of monuments too, after all. Oh, and is it us or does that cyclist look a little like Tony Blair? He's got to pay the bills I suppose...