While the UK waits to see which areas are next to be snapped for Google's Street View service, "furious" Buckinghamshire residents formed a "human chain" to block a Google Street View car capturing images of their village, it's been confirmed.

The angry villagers - led by 43-year-old Paul Jacobs who spotted the camera-equipped Google car and knocked on neighbour's doors to gather a small mob - were victorious in forcing the vehicle into a u-turn before it left the village.

Jacobs told the Daily Mail that Street View is a "burglar's dream" in his "affluent" area, and that: "My immediate reaction was anger, how dare anyone take a photograph of my home without my consent?"

Police were called to the incident in Broughton in Buckinghamshire, near to Milton Keynes, that - without being captured for posterity by an internet giant - has suffered three break-ins in the last 6 weeks.