Google is keen to capture the rest of the UK it seems with the Google Street View cars popping up in a number of cities following the launch of the service earlier in the month.

Pocket-lint tipster Mike Evans spotted a tweet from one of his followers Simonster (convoluted we know), that the Google Street View cars have been spotted in Reading on Tuesday.

Currently in Caversham anyone keen to be immortalised in the new service should get down there ASAP.

Other readers have said they have seen Google Street View cars in Ipswich and Chelmsford.

Despite protests from privacy campaigners, Google Street View launched in the UK earlier in the month around 2 years after the service went live in the States.

The roll out of the service - that provides a photographic look at geographical locations - lets internet users get a 3D virtual view by panning, rotating and zooming in Google maps.

In the UK, Street View will be initially available for 25 UK cities including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

However the company has already had to remove "dozens" of photos from its new UK Street View service.

Images of homes, people being arrested, being sick and coming out of sex shops are thought to be some of the images pulled from the service within hours of its launch.

It seems fears and worries of privacy issues haven't deterred the search engine from pressing forward.

Have you seen the Google Street View car in your town, let us know in the comments below.