Google has announced a new mobile app for BlackBerrys complete with search by voice and "My Location" functionality, but it's not available for RIM's flagship phone the Storm.

Announced via a blog post, Google says: "If you're like us and hate typing on that tiny keyboard, you'll be glad to hear that Google Mobile App on your Blackberry will let you search with your voice and with My Location".

The My Location bit does what it sounds like it would - finds services near to your location to save typing the "in Birmingham/in SW14" bit.

The voice search works by just pressing and holding a button and speaking your query - and us Brits are assured that it supports "British English".

The Google mobile app is now available on all versions of BlackBerry running on OS 4.1 and up and with search by voice on OS 4.2, but there's no news on when Storm owners can expect a version for them.

BlackBerry owners can try it out by visiting on their compatible RIM smartie.